The Sport Shed Etc. opened November 5, 2006 in Ord, Nebraska, by friends Ken, Woody, and Bob. The three have been friends and outdoorsmen for years. Ken, a local furbuyer, was joined by Woody, recently retired as sheriff in Minden, and Bob, renowned in the area for his gunsmithing abilities, and the Sport Shed Etc. business came into existence. The men saw a need for a hunting, fishing, and trapping store in the area as a consequence of the wide expanse of hunting ground in the area. They now service customers across Nebraska and the United States.

SPORT SHED FEATURES: We are renowned for our collectible firearms as well as our extensive selection of guns; our store contains over 600 used guns.

The Sport Shed Etc. sells and trades firearms and Bob can do any type of general repair upon firearms.

Also notable are our deer skin gloves, gifts, and fishing accessories. Stop by to see our expansive collection today!

Our Front Room


Our Front Room

Our gift and collectible front room features a wide array of gifts. We also stock clothing, inclusive of Mountain t-shirts, hoodies, orange and camo jackets, camo hunting vests, rainjackets, and more. Our gift items include Winchester puzzles, cards, frames, furs, wine holders, wall hangings, blankets, and coins. Stop by today to see our collection!