As with any Store Front operation we constantly get a large slection of miscellaneous
items. We will be listing the unusual ones as they arrive.

We carry a slection of knives, both used, new and handmade.

The Store carries a large inventory of ammunition some of which will be listed here as it will be unusual calibers etc.

The store carries a large selection of hunting and fishing related knickknacks, most of which is not available anywhere else in this area.

The store also carries some unusual wildlife mounts, such as the "Fur Bearing Trout," the Racoon eating from a Cracker Jack box, the ever favorite "Jackolope" etc.

We have various tanned furs including: wolf, wolverine, bobcat, fox (artic, silver, gray), deer hides (hair on or just skin) etc.

Shipping will vary but will be actual cost.